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BLF Management is professional company providing clients with the connection to proven solutions that you are seeking, in the areas of membership recruitment, strategic planning, staffing, association management, meeting planning, interim management, and much more. 


  • BLF Management

    BLF Management, Ltd. provides professional member-oriented BLF Managementmanagement services for associations. This is a central tenet in  BLF Management’s philosophy. We are the first to recognize the importance of our clients and emphasize personal service in all areas. With BLF Management as your service provider, you have a commitment from everyone to the viability and success of your association. 

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  • Click2Sell

    Click2Sell® automates membership recruitment so that you can focus on membership retention- simply add contacts and respond to messages.

    ^ Increase membership

    ^ Create pipeline of new members
    ^ More time to spend on non-dues revenue
    ^ Know that you are always recruiting
    ^ Eliminate peaks/valleys of membership 

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  • Tcs

  • Part Time Works

    Whether you're a company or orgaPart Time Worksnization with unique needs or a person with valuable skills re-entering the workplace, we’ll strive to find you the right part-time, long-term match for what you’re looking for, and even go beyond what you’d expect. BLF Management's sister company is ready to assist!

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  • MarketCues' SmartPlan360™

    Resourceful and experienced, MarketCues is an independent firm that brings 30 years of relevant Small Logostrategic and branding thinking. MarketCues works with clients as partners and believes in the relentless pursuit of breakthroughs. This is exactly why BLF Management is partnering with their company to connect you to exceptional organizational strategic resources.

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