• Your Connection to Excellence

    Do you wish there was a professional company available that would BLF Managementbe able to provide the partnership, commitment to quality, and outstanding service to connect you with the resource that you are seeking? 

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  • Our Services

    BLF Management, Ltd. is the first to recognize the importance of our clients and emphasizes personal service in all service areas:

    Organizational Strategy
    Interim Staff
    Meeting Planning
    Part Time, Long Term Staffing
    Association Management

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  • Part Time Staffing Solution

    Whether you're a company or orgaPart Time Worksnization with unique needs or a person with valuable skills re-entering the workplace, we’ll strive to find you the right part-time, long-term match for what you’re looking for, and even go beyond what you’d expect. BLF Management's sister company is ready to assist!

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  • Featured Partner


    Resourceful and experienced, MarketCues is an independent firm that brings 30 years of relevant strategic and branding thinking. MarketCues works with clients as partners and believes in the relentless pursuit of breakthroughs. This is exactly why BLF Management is partnering with their company to connect you to exceptional organizational strategic resources.

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